Director of Business Development

John McClure
John McClure Director of Business Development

Prior to this role, John served as the Chief Development Officer for a New York-based DSO which he co-founded with a dentist investor. John handled all aspects of the due diligence, acquisition and transition phases for affiliated dental offices. John developed a strategic acquisition plan that was used to successfully acquire and assimilate the DSO’s practices. John also oversaw dentist recruitment, identifying top tier, high-talent practitioners to provide outstanding patient care.

Prior to co-founding the DSO, John spent 9 years with the nation’s premier dental consultancy. As the Director of Business Development, John oversaw a team of analysts that assessed 1,000’s of dental practices, both domestically and internationally, each year. Additionally, John personally performed in-depth analysis for many of the largest and most premier dental offices in the country.

John is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in business management. John is married and has two young daughters

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