Revenue Cycle Manager

Megan Jenkins
Megan Jenkins Revenue Cycle Manager

Megan Jenkins is the Revenue Cycle Manager for Select Dental Partners. She was recently promoted to the position after successfully managing one of the (7) seven dental practices owned by Dr. Robert Ellis. It became clear that Megan had a knack for identifying opportunities to recover monies after she volunteered to take control of the Accounts Receivable for all office locations during the Pandemic mandatory shutdown, where she collected so much delinquent revenue from insurance companies, that she was instrumental in keeping the company afloat.

Her objective is to oversee patient account billing, insurance updates and billing issues and helping all offices resolve their revenue cycle problems, by identifying training issues that may be taking place in each office. She also works with each office to manage accounts, communications with insurance, collections, contract analysis and managing all types of billing transactions. This is especially important for our providers to make certain that they can meet their collection goals!

Megan is a graduate of York Technical College, where she completed the program for Expanded Duty Dental Assisting. She has a passion for all aspects of dentistry, and has worked very hard to find her niche, where she will be a boon for the financial goals and growth for our organization.

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