What to Expect from Your First Orthodontist Appointment?

What to Expect from Your First Orthodontist Appointment?

Aug 19, 2019

Your first visit to an orthodontic clinic can be nerve-wracking, but there’s nothing to fear at Dr. Smile. Let’s go over how your visit will go in our office.

Meeting the Dental Staff

When you first visit our office, you will receive the grand tour. During the tour, you can meet the dental professionals that will be working with your teeth and helping you get a healthier smile. You can also get to know the tools and equipment we have in our office.

A Dental Cleaning

During your professional dental cleaning, our dental hygienist will clean the mouth and rinse it out before applying an abrasive toothpaste solution to the enamel. The teeth will be brushed thoroughly and then rinsed once more before they’re flossed. Any tartar or plaque present will be removed as well, giving you a cleaner mouth and a brighter smile.

Getting a Dental Exam

When your mouth is fresh and pristine, a dental exam will be performed on teeth. During the exam, your dentist will examine teeth and look for dental issues such as decay or abnormalities. An oral cancer screening may be performed to spot anomalies that may need further investigation to make an accurate diagnosis. Patients will also be given an x-ray to allow Dr. Smile professionals to get an in-depth analysis of the structure of the mouth and the inside of teeth.

Speaking with Your Dentist

During your appointment, you will have the chance to speak with your dental professional about any oral issues that have been bothering you. We provide cosmetic dentistry services as well as orthodontics and additional procedures and treatments, allowing us to address a myriad of problems with teeth. We can go over treatment options and recommend the best course of action for your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile.

At Dr. Smile, you can learn about your oral health from a skilled and experienced orthodontist near you. To schedule an appointment, give our office a call or stop in today for a quick visit. You may even be able to get a tour of the facilities and meet the dentist before you’ve scheduled an appointment.

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